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  • Zero Down Financing Options*
  • Payments As Low As $199/Mo*
  • Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit
  • Bankruptcy or Repossession? No problem

* with approved credit
Don't let challenged credit stop you from getting on the road.

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What we do for you.

Benefits of our service

  • Qualify with bad credit or no credit
  • Low payments to fit any budget
  • Affordable & flexible loan options
  • Hundreds of new & used cars

How we are different

  • Apply online, sign at the dealership
  • Drive away the day you're approved
  • Apply once without multiple credit dings
  • Connect to the best dealers near you

Here's How It All Works!

With One Application You'll Be Able To Reach Out To Hundreds Of Dealerships

We'll uncover the best auto loan on the spot by looking at your car loan requirements and passing it through our huge network of car dealerships.

Provide a down payment and you'll increase your chances for approval. One area that our dealers will consider is your loan-to-value ratio. This is the ratio of the amount of your loan compared to the value of your car. What that means for you is that the larger down payment you can come up with, the better chance you have of getting a loan.

1. Let Us Match You With The Right Dealership.

Once your application is approved you'll see your application matched with one dealership that can meet your needs. That dealer will then give you the details on the loan. They will give you the length, the interest and which dealership you can work with.

2. Next, Determine Which Car You Want

As your loan is being reviewed, your dealer will go through a list of vehicles you can choose from. In almost all cases, you'll be able to pick from several hundreds of new and used cars. Of course your choices will be driven on how much your loan was approved for.

Next your dealer will work with you to schedule an appointment where you can really begin the shopping experience. You'll want to give them the details of what you're looking for and go through what inventory that is available. You do have the ability to expand your options if you can find something you want because your dealer can contact local dealerships.

Once you find the car you want, you sign your loan while you're at the dealership. It's as simple as that.

3. Ride Around In Style

Literally, in three simple steps you can be approved, informed, and in the driver's seat of your next car. Finally you can have hassle free car shopping by taking advantage of our absolutely free loan service.

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It Doesn't Matter If You Have Bad Credit!

No one likes the way past credit can affect your future finances. We look in front of us, not in the rearview mirror which is why AutoLoansUSA can still approve you for an auto loan that you can afford.

Keep in mind that we can help almost anyone. Are you a first time buyer with no credit? Are you just getting started financially? No problem, we can help you. Most dealers would turn you down. We know everyone has to start somewhere. That's why we can help you.

Get Driving Your Next Car With A Low Down Payment

If you're worried about getting a car because you might have to put down a large down payment, then you can stop worrying. AutoLoansUSA can get you on the road quickly, easily and with a low down payment.

Want To Build Your Credit Back Up, Do It The Easy Way

Auto loans are a fantastic method for building and improving credit. Even if you have no credit or bad credit an auto loan can help improve your chances of getting lower interest rates by helping you build your credit. As you make on-time payments to your dealer they will report that success and that will make a positive impact on your credit history.

You don't have to wait years and years for your credit to clear. Get the right auto loan and you might be able to put credit problems in your past.

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Here Is The Fine Print…

You Will Apply Online And Sign The Documents In Person!

The easiest way to shop for a car is to work with AutoLoansUSA. Why? Because you won’t get the high-pressure sales or have to deal with the stress of going through dealer financing on the spot. You see, when you secure your auto loan before going out to look for a car you have better chances of finding exactly what you need.

Get Behind The Wheel Of Your Next Car In 3 Simple Steps:

  1. In less than 5 minutes you can apply for your loan online.
  2. Go through a list of cars in your price range that you want.
  3. Go to the dealership and sign your new auto loan.

You no longer have to deal with hard core selling, no more loans being rejected. All you have to do is start with AutoLoansUSA. Get approved for your next loan in minutes.

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You've Got New Options

Get The Finanical Help When You Need It Most

It's time, let AutoLoansUSA help you improve your financial future. We're more than just an auto loan company, we care.


Don't worry, if we can't find a match between you and a dealer, we're not going to waste your time. We'll do our best to find and connect with you services that can help with your everyday services. We want to make sure you leave us in a better place than when you came to us which is why it doesn't matter if it's a credit card to build credit, a loan to cover a down payment or anything else. We're here to help you.


We at AutoLoansUSA strive to give you the absolute best experience when you are shopping for a car.